Tomato Lovin’

Every August brings heat, a new school year and yes, Nashville’s Tomato Arts Fest.

I love this festival.  It takes place in the funky, kind of artsy area of East Nashville.  The people are fun.  The whole community seems to participate ~ although they kind of have to since all the vendor tents are in front of their homes! There is a run, a parade, a doggie fashion show, live bands, every kind of tomato you can think to eat and yes, ART!  Even fun tomato art.

Here are some photo highlights of my Tomato Arts day last week:

A couple pieces of tomato art to celebrate the day!

Parade festivities beginning…everyone in red and many in costume! Pets and children welcome.

My booth set up.  It was a new configuration for me, and I think it worked well.

This lady bought my piece, “Becoming Free”, because she was so moved by it.  She works in Africa and was just visiting home, but it will become part of her permanent home.

A birthday gift to herself for her new home and a celebration of five-years being cancer free, this customer was a joy to talk to!  I love meeting my customers.

If you live local, and have not been, you must come out next year.  I promise two things, you will sweat and you will have fun!

Thank you for all who came out and met me for the first time ~ I enjoyed meeting you and sharing my art with you for a moment.

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