My {Art} Story…

I’m not an artist. I’m an interpreter. Observing the nuances and emotions of life and translating them with paint on to canvas.

When I was a little girl, I was in love with art. I found the smell of a new box of crayons intoxicating and loved getting my hands wet with finger paints! My favorite memories were coloring, painting and pressing beautiful flowers in books.

After spending many years writing professionally about and for other people, I felt a nagging emptiness and a need to create once again. There was more I wanted to do creatively and I decided to branch out with a blog – Keystrokes and Kaleidoscopes – to marry my love of words with my colorful need to create.

Suffering a personal loss with the death of our 2-year-old daughter, I began healing by finding unexpected beauty in everyday life. I am intrigued by the simple beauty of life around me.

A wildflower in a vase.

A weathered door to an old building.

A cotton field burning white in the hot sun that looks like a blanket of snow.

A deer that has seen unfolding nature created before his eyes.

A field going to sleep with the sun kissing it gently after a long day of growing.

These things intrigue me and I want to tell their stories on canvas.

Hope, love, faith and goodness are recurrent themes in my works. The bulk tends to be perfectly imperfect, creating many of my pieces with a palette knife adding organic layers of interest and texture. I try to feel my pieces as I paint them, creating an emotive scene or snapshot that evokes souls to stir and feel. Whether it’s through an abstract angel, a lone barn or a cheerful bouquet of flowers, I love to capture hope and beauty in our often dark and broken world.

Many of my pieces are purposefully happy and encouraging as I believe in brightening the world by spreading joy. I invite you to join me by exploring the colorful swirls in my art and capture some of the magical kaleidoscope we get to call “life”.